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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Flatulence.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Farts 

Do males or females fart more? Do mens’ farts smell worse than womens’? Both fascinating questions but not if you are one of the thousands who have problems with excess gas.

On average, healthy adults will give off roughly half a liter of flatulence each day People can fart anywhere between 2 and 42 times per day with the average being just about 14 times.. There is no strong evidence to say which of the genders fart more or which does more smelly farts. Variations in smell and volume tend not to have anything to do with gender.

The noise made by farting is made by vibrations of the anal opening. The loudness is dependent on the tautness of the anal sphincter and the speed and volume of the gas being expelled.

A typical fart is composed of gases which come from four principal sources.. 1. The air that we swallow while eating or drinking. 2. Gases coming from our blood supply into our intestines. 3. Chemical reactions taking place in our intestines. 4. Bacterial action within our intestines.

The chemical composition of flatulence differs greatly depending on the person and a number of other elements. While we eat and/or drink we can swallow quite a lot of air which is mostly made up of nitrogen and oxygen.. The majority of the oxygen is absorbed early on, leaving mostly nitrogen. Chemical reactions within the intestine usually generate carbon dioxide. Bacterial action will also produce carbon dioxide along with methane and hydrogen.

These gases are the fundamental components of flatulence. The percentages of each gas will depend on a range of factors such as just how much air we swallow, what types of bacteria we have in our intestines and in what quantities, how long we hold in the gas and, of course, what we eat.

There is a school of thought which supports the thought that high methane production is hereditary. There is, however, no sound proof to support this theory.

The offensive stink which flatulence sometimes produce is as a result of bacterial actions.. The odor is caused by the presence of small quantities of methane, mercapans and hydrogen. The more of these substances you have in your diet the more likely you are to have foul smelling farts. Foods which are high in these substances are cauliflower, meat and eggs or anything high in insoluble fiber. Beans are inclined to produce less foul smelling flatulence but in greater amounts.

It is also a peculiarity of smelly flatulence to be warmer than non smelly ones.. Normal farts tends not to be smelly because they come from the air that we swallow and as we know this is composed of nitrogen and oxygen which are odorless and are expelled from the body in comparatively large bubbles and at body temperature. On the other hand, if there is a lot of bacterial action happening, then the story is not the same. Food, which lingers in the intestines for a longer time because the body struggles to break it down, is subject to bacterial fermentation which generates heat and small and exceptionally foul smelling bubbles of gas.

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